Heritage Gas

Archaeological Monitoring & Emergency Response for Heritage Gas Distribution System

Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia

Heritage GasIn 2005, Cultural Resource Management (CRM) Group was retained by Heritage Gas to provide archaeological construction monitoring and emergency response services during the excavation of gas pipeline trenches and commercial/residential services throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality.

Archaeological Potential modelling undertaken for Heritage Gas identified areas of archaeological sensitivity within the proposed development areas. Construction trenching and facility excavation in areas exhibiting high archaeological potential were carefully monitored to identify and document significant archaeological resources as they were exposed.

As a result of archaeological monitoring, CRM Group archaeologists identified a number of early utilities and street surfaces, as well as the remains of a variety of buildings and associated structures which either predated the current street grid or were exposed during facility or services excavations. When features were identified, they were documented and photographed. Where artifacts were present, they were collected and retained for subsequent analysis.

Heritage GasCRM Group archaeologists worked closely with Heritage Gas construction and engineering personnel to avoid delays and meet development schedules. When construction was delayed due to archaeological impacts, CRM Group archaeologists worked diligently to minimize delays while mitigating and documenting the resources that had been uncovered.